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Charter litigation is a type of legal action that can be taken to protect your rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter is a document that outlines the fundamental rights and freedoms that Canadians are entitled to. Charter litigation is a very complicated and highly technical area of the law. You need a lawyer experienced in charter litigation to help you determine if any of these rights were violated during your arrest, interrogation or trial process.
Under Canadian law, every person is granted specific fundamental rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you feel that one of these rights has been violated, you may be able to take action through charter litigation. Potential Charter violations could result in the exclusion of evidence from consideration at trial or a stay of proceedings (also known as a dismissal of the charges). Other remedies for Charter violations include adjournment of a trial, an order for the Crown to pay costs incurred to the accused, or an order for the Crown to make other compensation to an accused in a civil suit involving Charter damages. 
Andrews Benko & Associates has extensive experience helping clients with charter litigation matters in Saskatchewan. Our lawyers are highly skilled at identifying violations of your fundamental rights, and we have a proven track record of achieving positive outcomes for our clients. If you need help with charter litigation in Saskatchewan, contact us today.


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