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Mischief offences are not taken lightly in Saskatchewan. The consequences of these types of crimes can be devastating and long-lasting. Mischief charges can be complex, so it is essential to hire a skilled criminal defence lawyer with experience with these types of cases. We can help you build a strong defence and look out for your best interests.
Mischief is defined as unlawful interference with the property of another person. Mischief is separated into two categories based on the cost of alleged damage: over $5,000 and under $5,000. Mischief charges can range from damaging or defacing property to committing an act that could endanger a person's life or health. Because mischief covers a broad number of offences, penalties for a conviction vary depending on the severity of the offence. For simple mischief charges, like vandalism or graffiti, you could face fines up to $5000 and probation, but jail time isn't likely. The maximum penalty for mischief is much higher if it results in bodily harm or death; you could face up to 10 years in prison.
At Andrews Benko & Associates, we have extensive experience representing clients charged with mischief offences. Our criminal defence lawyers have been defending clients against mischief charges for years, and we know that this is often a complex area of law. We understand that you may face serious consequences for your actions, and we will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today.

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