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In Saskatchewan, uttering threats is considered a serious criminal offence that can result in jail time, even for a first conviction. You need the help of a skilled criminal defence lawyer to defend your rights. We have experience defending clients against charges of uttering threats. 
You can be charged with uttering threats from a wide variety of acts. Uttering threats generally refers to making statements expressing the intention of causing physical harm or death to a person, damaging someone's property, or injuring a person's pet. The prosecution does not need much evidence to charge someone with uttering threats. Most cases are based on whether the judge believes the allegations and whether the accused was intentionally making a threat. You could face large fines and up to 5 years in jail if convicted.
At Andrews Benko & Associates, we have experience helping people like you who have been accused of uttering threats. We know how to work with the Crown to achieve a result that minimizes consequences for our clients while protecting their rights throughout the process. If you have been charged with uttering threats, contact us today.

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