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Douglas Andrew Lawyer

Douglas R. Andrews, K.C.

Douglas (Doug) R. Andrews, K.C. has handled in excess of 4,000 criminal cases in his career as a criminal defence lawyer. Although he has represented approximately 100 people charged with murder, he has never had a client convicted of first-degree murder.
As a 45-year veteran of the courtroom practicing criminal law exclusively, he understands the justice system, knows when to negotiate, and also knows when and how to win at trial.
As a highly skilled cross-examiner, he has conducted hundreds of trials, both with and without juries. He appears regularly at all levels of court.
Doug has successfully defended all types of criminal and drug-related charges. His goal is to always ensure that his clients receive the best defence available. Doug has a practice that covers all areas of criminal law including driving offences, narcotic and drug offences, electronic intercept cases, search and seizure cases, firearms charges, offences of violence, sexual allegations, property offences, cyber crime as well as bail hearings, appeals and youth court matters.
Over his lengthy career, Doug has appeared as counsel in many high-profile cases providing skillful and fearless representation, no matter the circumstance. He believes all accused have the right to a strong defence.
When your reputation and perhaps your freedom are at stake, you want an experienced, capable, and knowledgeable defence lawyer. It can make all the difference.
Doug is a founding partner at Andrews Benko & Associates. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees and was called to the Saskatchewan bar in 1976. As a former Bencher for the Law Society of Saskatchewan, Doug received the designation of Queen’s Counsel in the year 2000.
Those who have worked at Andrews Benko & Associates over the past 45 years have been privileged to benefit from Doug’s vast experience and knowledge of the justice system.

Peggy Andrew Lawyer

Peggy M. Benko, B.A., LL.B.

Peggy M. Benko received her Bachelor of Arts in German Literature in 1982, and her Bachelor of Laws in 1985, both from the University of Saskatchewan. Although Peggy’s 35 years of legal experience involves various civil actions and working as an agent for the Attorney General, her passion is family law.
Setting goals and working hard to succeed comes naturally to Peggy. As one of the founding partners of Andrews Benko & Associates, Peggy’s ability to achieve her goals began early in her career. Going above and beyond for her clients is Peggy’s standard level of service, and she often exceeds what is expected from the status quo.
Peggy handles all matters pertaining to family law including Divorce, Separation, Child Custody and Access, Child Support, Spousal Support, Adoption, Property Division, and Parenting Issues. Peggy represents clients on either sides of disputes. She enjoys working with high-conflict situations and complex legal issues.
With 35 years under her belt as a successful family law practitioner, Peggy has valuable insight and a strong reputation within the legal community. Her clients benefit the most from this experience, insight, and reputation.
Peggy takes satisfaction in knowing that she helps people move forward with their families and their lives. While she tries to help clients resolve their matters first through negotiation, sometimes matters need to proceed to court in order to obtain a suitable resolution for clients. Peggy has handled matters at all levels of court in Saskatchewan. Peggy speaks fluent German and English and is able to assist clients in both languages.
Divorce and separation impact the client from various perspectives, including emotionally, psychologically, financially and socially. Peggy appreciates these vast implications for her clients that proceed through the family litigation process. Retaining a trusted experienced counsel like Peggy, especially for a difficult family law file, is invaluable.

Christina G. Skibinsky Lawyer

Christina G. Skibinsky, B.A. (Hons), LL.B.

If you have been accused of a crime, you need someone who will listen to your side of the story, stand up for your rights, protect your liberty and, most importantly, get results for you.
Christina practices in criminal defence and Charter litigation. She has 15 years of experience defending complex and important cases throughout Saskatchewan. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees and was called to the Saskatchewan bar in 2005. Christina is committed to a client-centred results-based approach.
Christina’s determination, unique drive, and approach to tackling issues are personal qualities she possesses that can neither be taught nor bought. She is committed to providing her clients with the best defence possible, and this is reflected in the philosophy she brings to her work:
● Her preparation is very careful and detailed.● She accepts only a limited number of cases at one time, to ensure a very strong focus on each client’s case.● She approaches her cases with a think-outside-the-box manner to find the best resolutions to problems.● She has extensive knowledge and experience needed so that you receive proper advice at all stages of your proceedings.
Christina’s practice consists of criminal trial and appellate work, involving sexual allegations, allegations of serious violence, weapons allegations, drinking and driving allegations, search and seizure issues, fraud, narcotics and drug allegations, theft/property charges, cybercrime issues, as well as bail hearings/reviews, fingerprint destruction, and Charter litigation.
Christina is open to entering into flat-fee, payment plans, and mixed-fee retainers. Every case is different.


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