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Sexual assault and other sex-related allegations are among the most severe criminal charges a person can face. If convicted, these charges have not only serious penalties but also include severe stigmatization of the accused. At Andrews Benko & Associates, we know how to defend against accusations and can help you create a strong defence.
The Canadian criminal justice system has developed several special rules to protect those who make allegations related to sexual offences, even when an accused is innocent and an allegation is false. For example, a complainant’s past sexual history may only be introduced into evidence after a special hearing before a judge. Furthermore, the complainants’ private records (whether medical or police) can only be accessed by the defence if a complainant waives privacy rights or a judge grants special permission to the defence to access the records.
In representing an individual accused of a sexual offence, a defence lawyer must understand the options and tools available to fight these charges. Counsel for the accused may need to hire private investigators and scientific experts (to analyze DNA or other evidence), among other strategies, to discover weaknesses in the Crown’s case. To effectively represent the accused in court, defence lawyers must make strategic and tactical decisions about how best to argue the evidence.
Accusations and charges for sexual offences are very burdensome on the accused and their families. The legal process is generally lengthy and uncertain. The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Andrews Benko & Associates can help you navigate the complexities of a sexual assault trial and other sexual offences, ensuring you receive the best defence possible.

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