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We know that when you're facing drug trafficking charges, you're scared for your future. If you've been accused of drug trafficking, it's important that you speak with a lawyer immediately. Drug trafficking is a serious criminal offence that can have devastating consequences. We have helped many people in your position and know how to get the best possible outcome for your case.
Possession for the purpose of trafficking means that the accused person intended to sell or transport the substance. The punishment for this offence varies depending on the amount of drugs involved in the case and whether it is considered a first or subsequent offence. If you are charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, you will be facing charges under federal legislation called the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (“CDSA”), not under the Canadian Criminal Code. This means that if charged, you will be dealing with Federal Crown Prosecutors instead of Provincial Crown Prosecutors. Drug offences are listed under federal legislation called the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (“CDSA”). If charged, you will face heavy penalties if convicted.
If you have been charged with drug trafficking, it is essential that you hire an experienced lawyer who understands the legal process and can help defend you against the charges. Contact Andrews Benko today to discuss your situation and how we can help you.


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