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Divorce can be a traumatic experience. It doesn't just affect the people involved in the marriage—it can have a lasting impact on your finances, lifestyle, and relationship with your children. If you are going through a divorce, we can help guide you through the process and protect your interests, so you can get the most favourable outcome possible.
To obtain a divorce in Saskatchewan, you must first establish the grounds for divorce. The only requirement by law is that your marriage has broken down past repair. Most couples must be separated for at least one year before they can divorce. This means many divorcing couples have usually already decided on issues such as child access, division of assets, and support. A formal separation agreement ensures these early negotiations are followed and may aid in future negotiations. There are exceptions, such as abuse and adultery. 
We provide the dedicated and experienced representation you need throughout your divorce process—from the initial conversation with our lawyers to making decisions about custody and support to negotiating with your spouse or significant other. If you need help navigating divorce proceedings, both contested and uncontested, contact Andrews Benko & Associates today.

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