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Nothing is more important to you than the safety and happiness of your loved ones. Sadly, sometimes it's necessary to take legal steps to ensure that family members are safe. You may need to apply for guardianship of a child or other loved one, and you need an experienced lawyer to help you through the process. Our team has years of experience helping families navigate guardianship, and we can help make sure everyone involved is happy with the outcome.
Guardianship is a process by which a person is given the legal right to make decisions on behalf of another person. It is often used when the individual in question cannot make their own decisions, such as when incapacitated or mentally ill. Guardianship can also apply to children, who may need someone other than their parents to make decisions for them until they reach adulthood. The decision to take on guardianship can be a difficult one, but sometimes you may not have any other choice.
At Andrews Benko & Associates, we understand that guardianship can be an overwhelming process, but we're here to help you through it. We have experience helping clients with all kinds of guardianship needs and can answer any questions you have about what's next for you. Contact us today.

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