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Marriage is a meaningful and beautiful thing, but it's not always a fairy tale. If you are contemplating getting married and want to protect your assets and interests in the event of divorce, a prenuptial agreement is the best way to do that. It's important you have a lawyer with experience in pre and post-nuptial agreements to protect your rights and interests. We can help you lay out an agreement that works for both parties.
Prenuptial agreements are contracts between two people who want to get married but want to clearly establish how their assets will be handled should they divorce. Postnuptial agreements are similar, but they are made after a couple has already been married for some time and wants to update an existing agreement, such as adding new provisions or changing old ones. Both agreements can cover things like spousal support and division of assets but cannot cover child custody. While prenups are more common than postnups, both can be found valid and enforceable during divorce proceedings.
Pre and postnuptial agreements are an excellent way to protect your finances and your family, but they can be hard to navigate. At Andrews Benko & Associates, we offer experienced guidance when it comes to pre and postnuptial agreements. We'll help you ensure that your agreement is thorough and comprehensive so that you can rest easy knowing your assets are protected. Contact us today.

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