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Child support can be a complicated and stressful part of divorce or separation. It can also be a source of confusion, frustration, and even anger. You might feel like you're not getting enough child support or that the amount of your child support payments is too high. We can help you get the right child support agreement for you, whether in court or out of court.
A predetermined formula is used to calculate child support in Saskatchewan. The formula used is based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines, which include a table that sets out different percentages for different amounts of income. The court takes the non-custodial parent's gross income and the number of children to be supported and orders that parent to pay a percentage of that income to the parent with physical custody. If a parent's income or circumstances change, there are options for petitioning the court to modify child support orders.
At Andrews Benko & Associates, our lawyers are experienced in family law and child support issues. We understand your concerns, and we know how important it is to find solutions that work for everyone involved in the agreement. Our team can assist you in negotiating an agreement that works for everyone. Contact us today.

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